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Appeal to USL, Opposition and national churches to restore the monarchy. Sign Giurescu with Dinu, Mircea Diaconu, Dan Puric, Victor Rebengiuc, Doina Cornea, Rodica Coposu

A week before the anniversary of a sad act of national history and early Sovietisation King Michael of Romania by scaring a group of men of culture and art calls political, economic and intellectual of the country. Alliance ruling is required by members of this structure to begin efforts to restore constitutional monarchy. Dinu Giurescu, Doina Cornea, Mihai Sora, Acad. Alexandru Zub, Zamfirescu Dinu Constantin Martian, Coposu sisters, Lucia Hossu-Longin, Victor Rebengiuc Mariana Mihuţ, Sorin Dumitrescu, Dan Puric, Philip Iorga, Mircea Diaconu, Stephen Tow and many other scholars call sign. Those wishing to support the Initiative National Alliance for Restoration of Monarchy can sign the document posting an comnentariu site fatalities News . We regularly update the list of signatures, sending your call to the authorities, opposition parties and churches raised by the Alliance.

Appeal to USL, Opposition and national churches to restore the monarchy.  Sign Giurescu with Dinu, Mircea Diaconu, Dan Puric, Victor Rebengiuc, Doina Cornea, Rodica CoposuHere, in brief, what is written in the Call ANPRM:


“We call on political leaders call on institutions, we call on opinion leaders to recognize that restoration of the Monarchy is by no means desire of some sentimental and utopian dreamers, but pragmatic and vital need of a country in distress.

Call the Social Liberal Union, the draft amendment to the Constitution, including the return to constitutional monarchy.We call on political leaders, business people and opinion leaders patriots to rally this proposal. Call the Romanian Orthodox Church Greek Catholic Church to demonstrate their vocation national churches to recognize God’s Anointed King. Call the Romanian Academy and we call on people of free and responsible culture to explain the necessity of restoring the monarchy.

It is obvious that Romania lacks balance point, neutral factor that is above politics and provide continuity and long-term vision beyond the alternation in power. Political monarch does not endorse any political party, but balance and provide institutional continuity.

Romania is very poorly represented externally, we fail to find or to redefine a place and an international role. His Majesty King Michael is respected around the world, from Washington to Moscow, and cousin crowned heads of Europe. Country could not find a better ambassador.

Elites that Romania was in the nineteenth century were aware that only a foreign prince on the throne could settle conflicts between rival factions could bring stability and international prestige. Political, economic and intellectual today have the chance to demonstrate their vision, they have sense of responsibility and patriotism, that they can overcome preconceptions and interests of the moment to again offer Romania the institution that can play balance national dignity, identity and international prestige.

But the next step belongs to the political elite. If in 1866, our politicians have called intelligence and patriotism of the throne Charles, politicians today are tremendous and rare opportunity to make history, recalling it on Tron His Majesty King Michael. Our history proves that nothing is impossible when there are people with vision and guts.

What can “boast” instead republic? The communist regime imposed by the Soviet Union, with hundreds of thousands of victims of communist repression, the annihilation of social and intellectual elites, National aberrations communist Ceausescu regime and mutilation country through demolition, destruction of villages, forced industrialization, propaganda and shameful cult of personality dictator. And post-revolutionary republics, with hesitations and their shortcomings, they are sad “climax” in all areas of system failure Basescu. ”

Read full Call for Restoration of the Monarchy. click here

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